Final List of All Tour Programs!

S E A T T L E    P R O G R A M S

Friday, July 22nd
Renton River Days Fair Booth: 11am – 8pm

Saturday, July 23rd
Renton River Days Parade: 10am – 2pm
Renton River Days Fair Booth: 10am – 8pm

Sunday, July 24th
Renton River Days Fair Booth: 10am – 6pm

Monday, July 25th
Boys and Girls Club at Rainer Vista: 1-2:30pm
Bagley Elementary Boys and Girls Club Program from 3:30-5pm

Tuesday, July 26th
Bagley Elementary Boys and Girls Club Program from 3:30-5pm

Wednesday, July 27th
Girls Scouts Program at Shoreline Library from 2-5pm
Shoreline Library Public Program for Adults: 7pm- 8pm

Thursday, July 28th
Boys and Girls Club at Rainer Vista: 9:30-10:30am
Bagley Elementary BG Program from 3:30-5pm
Renton Library Follow-up Program from 7-8pm
Ongoing Bellavue Crossroads Mall Meeting at 7pm

Monday, August 1st
Boys and Girls Club at Rainer Vista: 1-2:30pm
Boys and Girls Club at Edmonds: 4-5:50pm

Tuesday, August 2nd
Boys and Girls Club at Edmonds: 4- 5:50pm

Wednesday, August 3rd
Freeway Park Ongoing Meeting: 12-1pm
Renton Library Follow-Up Program: 7-8pm

Thursday, August 4th
Boys and Girls Club at Rainer Vista: 9:30-10:30am
Girls Scouts Program at Bellavue Library from 2-5pm
Bellavue Library Program Public Program from Adults: 7-8pm
Ongoing Bellavue Crossroads Mall Meeting at 7pm

P O R T L A N D     P R O G R A M S

Friday, July 29th
Portland State University: 12-1pm
Boys and Girls Club at Blazers: 3-4:30pm

Saturday, July 30th
Downtown Portland Farmer’s Market Program: 10am-2pm

Sunday, July 31st
Downtown YWCA Program: 11am-12pm
Kelso Community Center Public Program: 3- 4pm

V A N C O U V E R     P R O G R A M S

Saturday, August 6th
Victoria Mall Program – Tillicum Centre: 10am – 2pm

Sunday, August 7th
Victoria Mall Program – Tillicum Centre: 10am – 2pm

Monday, August 8th
Boys and Girls Club at Mt. Pleasant Kivan: 10-11:30am

Tuesday, August 9th
Boys and Girls Club at Langley: 12:30-2pm

Wednesday, August 10
Boys and Girls Club at Mt. Pleasant Kivan: 10- 11:30am
Boys and Girls Club at Langley: 2-3:30pm
Gilford Public Library Weekly Meeting in Surrey: 7-8:30pm

Thursday, August 11
Boys and Girls Club at Langley: 10:30am-12pm

Saturday, August 13
Chilliwack Central Elementary Community School: 1-2:30pm

Sunday, August 14
Musical Public Program at Chilliwack Cultural Centre: 6-9pm


Visiting the Vancouver Sahaja School

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We will have the great joy of visiting and staying at the Vancouver Sahaja Middle School during the end of our tour! We will complete the Tour with a mini-seminar at the school from August 11-14. Stay tuned for more details!

Arrival and Departure Info

Dates We Will Be In Each City

For those attending the entire tour, please fly into and out of Seattle International Airport on these dates –

Arrivals: Friday, July 22nd

Departures: Monday, August 15th

If you will be joining for only part of the tour, please note the city that the Tour will be in when you arrive/depart and fly into the appropriate airport.

July 22 – July 28: Seattle

July 29 – July 31: Portland

August 1 – August 5: Seattle

August 6 – August 14: Vancouver

August 15: Seattle

Other Yuva Shakti Summer Events

All yogis who are attending the Young Yuva Shakti Camp in Canajoharie from July 18-23rd, and who would like to attend the Tour as well, please stay in Canajoharie until the end of the Yuva Camp. We recommend that you take a Saturday evening or Sunday morning flight to Seattle from Albany.

Collaborating with the Boys and Girls Club of America

Previous Collaborations with BGCA

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Previous collaborations between Sahaja Meditation and the BGCA have occurred in Landsdale, Pennsylvania in 2005, and in Florida, Alabama, and Texas in 2008. Sahaja Meditation’s collaboration with these BGCA sites most often consisted of a one-time meditation and music program for the children. During the first half of these programs, the children were taught how to meditate. During the second half of the program, Yuva Shakti provided entertainment to the kids in the forms of music and dance pieces. This was always followed by joyous interaction with the children, through which they learned to how to play the instruments, how to do dance moves, and how to improve their meditation practice.

Our meditation programs at BGCA have always been successful and especially enjoyable for the kids. Nearly everyone was able to meditate, and the staff has always been very supportive and made Yuva Shakti feel welcome. All the children felt it was very easy to meditate and got involved in trying out the instruments or learning about dance styles from around the world.

The 2011 Collaboration with BGCA

During this year’s Meditation Tour at Boys and Girls Clubs locations, there will be 3 different programs for each club on separate days, in order to continually reinforce the practice of meditation for the students. Each program would be between 1-1:30 hours, and would include meditation sessions, music and dance entertainment sessions, artistic development sessions, and focus and attention exercises. The following is an outline of each program:

Program 1: Introduction to Meditation

  1. Introduce the Meditation Tour and youth activists
  2. Ice breakers, including skits to introduce meditation as a solution to life stressors
  3.  First Meditation Session
  4. Short and slow song for meditation enrichment
  5. Multi-Cultural Entertainment: Theatre, Dance, Music
  6. Second Meditation Session with breathing exercises, “How to Meditate at Home” worksheet
  7.  Interactive time – Chatting with kids, Learning about instruments and dance

Program 2: How to Apply Meditation in Your Daily Life

  1. “How You Feel Doing Homework Before Meditation” worksheet
  2. First Meditation Session in pairs/groups, use attention focusing exercises
  3. “How You Feel Doing Homework After Meditation” worksheet
  4. Multi-cultural Awareness and Entertainment session, Interact about world instruments and dance
  5. Second Meditation Session, “How to Stay Balanced in Tough Situations”
  6. Interactive Games emphasizing Teamwork and Cooperation

Program 3 (In Evening): Teaching Meditation to Others – Parents Invited

  1. Introduction to parents about Sahaja Meditation Tour, youth activists, and the Meditation method
  2. First Meditation Session, Kids Teach Parents how to Meditate
  3.  Short Presentation on Scientifically Proven Benefits of Daily Meditation
  4.  Second and Final Meditation Session with both Kids and Parents
  5. Discussion on how to Reinforce Daily Meditation at Home and How to Teach Friends and Family
  6.  Question and Answer Session, Good-Bye’s

The Yuva Vision for RA Tour 2011

A New Calling for the American Yuvas:

    • Among the national yuvas, there is a renewed sense of duty and dedication to the Divine mission of spreading Shri Mataji’s message of meditation
    • We feel some new change in the air, some power is driving us, pushing us forward
    • We hope that our first major push and support for the collective will come in the form of this new and improved Realize America Tour
    • We are very ready and enthusiastic to do anything that the greater collective needs help with!

The Youth’s United Vision for America (Y.U.V.A.)

During the National Yuva Shakti Seminar in New Jersey during the week of Birthday Puja 2011, the Yuvas had a discussion about our vision of this year’s RA Tour and what aspects of the tour we would like to improve on.

Main Points that were raised:

  • To focus on the children in America – Boys and Girls Clubs
  • The need for collective support, having the tour in areas with strong collective and existing Sahaj programs
  • Covering a smaller land area, having shorter tours
  • Focusing on not only giving realization, but also on having numerous follow-up programs and material to give seekers a real opporutnity to become yogis

Who Are We Reaching Out To?

The Children of America!!!

Shri Mataji once mentioned that Sahaja Yoga will work out in America through the children, and they will then bring their parents to Sahaj.

  • Healthcorps is already helping so much with this effort
  • The yuva collective’s vision is to also focus on having programs for children during RA Tours. More specifically, we are interested in hosting the majority of our programs at Boys and Girls Clubs locations.
  • In the previous 5 Realize America Tours, we have had wonderful programs with children at Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Due to the closeness of our age groups, yuvas can really connect to children at meditation programs

The Boys and Girls Club of America

Mission statement: “To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America has provided a positive and supportive environment for kids in America for over 100 years. It is through efforts of youth empowerment organizations, such as the BGCA, that the seeds of our future leaders and statesmen are sown in the childhood years of individuals. Sahaja Meditation aims to enable children to realize their full potential as an individual and as a member of their greater society. Children are enabled in this way through the practice of meditation, which gives them a personal understanding of themselves, their civic duty, and responsibility towards the common good.

The American Yuva Shakti

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You are Invited!

Dear Aunties and Uncles, Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji!

With great joy and excitement, the National American Yuva Shakti invite you to join us for this year’s ‘Realize America’ Tour! This summer we will put our collective attention on the youth of North America by giving meditation programs mostly at Boys and Girls Clubs in the regions of Washington State and British Columbia. We will also join the Seattle and Vancouver collectives in their efforts to spread Sahaj in the community. Not to forget, we will take advantage of these beautiful summer months by enjoying fun and collective activities in the outdoors of America’s NorthWest!

  • The dates of the Tour are: Friday, July 22 – Sunday, August 14
  •  Please fly into/out of Seattle International Airport
  • To register:
  •  The registration cost is $200 (daily rate is $11)
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at:
  • Please regularly check our blog for more information:

May we become the pure instruments of our Mother and use our collective powers to bring the youth of this land into our Sahaja family!


The American Yuva Shakti

“May God bless the beloved people of America, 

and may truth succeed.”

– Shri Mataji, September 2001 –